University Students in Estonia, 1941-1943(?) [During German Occupation]


Okay I’m going to get caught up with all my RPs this week. If I remember correctly, I owe threads to the following:

- Denmark
- Hungary
- Ukraine
- Netherlands
- Prussia

Did I miss anyone? ;v;]]


Beautiful Estonia! Woods, sand, stones and ocean - natural perfection.

When lying in the water to take a good picture is pure fun.

Estonia, 2014



I can say the same for you Erzsébet! How has my dearest cousin been doing?

I am fantastic, yourself dear cousin?


I can’t complain! I’m just enjoying the last days of summer before I get cooped up in a office building till Christmas. [he chuckles] Oh! And Ukraine and I were thinking of doing some baking together. You should come and join us!

eestisinternetcafe asked:
[Text] Are you seriously standing me up or are you really that late?



It was funny, most people pinned Mikkel down as one of those people who always showed up late and never apologized when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He normally would budget enough time to get wherever he needed to go. And usually it would take him time to get around, he always rode his bike, you see. So he planned this date like he would any other. Except he wasn’t expecting rain and he was definitely not expecting to show up at the wrong damn location. He LIVED here for godsake!

Then he felt his pocket buzz. All things from Asgard… His eyes skimmed the text and—

[Text] I’m not I promise! Denmark is known for biking! // Not me, Denmark, the country // well that means me too // shit // I bike places and then the rain set in and then I went to the wrong building // I’ll be there as soon as I can! // I’m sorrrrrry! [/Text]

It took fifteen minutes for him to show up and when finally did arrive he was soaked through. But he was still wearing a smile as he pulled out his phone, just now getting a chance to check the message. He snorted and shrugged. He was as careful as you can be on a bike when driving through traffic. 

[Text] Where are you? // Here, obviously, but where here? [/Text]

Eduard heard the doors open and noticed Mikkel enter, completely drenched from head to toe. He calls him over and waves but it’s clear he didn’t hear him as he’s more focused on his phone. He puts the pieces together and figured he’s just getting his text now. Several seconds past and Eduard’s phone buzzes. His suspicions were confirmed as he writes a quick reply.

[Text] Look to the back on the right-hand side. Do you see a guy waving from inside a booth near the bar? [/Text]


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Well, well, well, I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever Eduard!


I can say the same for you Erzsébet! How has my dearest cousin been doing?

[Text] I'm sorry, okay? An apology is what you wanted, right?
[Text] This is going to sound a little strange, but what's the best way to get blood stains out of clothes?
[Text] We need to talk. Call me.
[Text] Can you come pick me up? May have been drinking and may have also punched out a guy for talking shit.
[Text] I know it's late. Come meet me at the beach.
[Text] Where do you hide your spare key?
[Text] Are you seriously standing me up or are you really that late?
[Text] Help, I'm alone in a crowd and trying to look cool by texting you.
[Text] Wanna go on a coffee run for me?
[Text] I am never drinking that much again.
[Text] I'm pretty sure I left my underwear at your place.
[Text] I... think you sent that to the wrong person.
[Text] Shit, don't open that. I sent that to the wrong person.
[Text] Give me one more chance.
[Text] Come get Taco Bell with me. No, I don't care that it's three in the morning, I'm already outside your place.
[Text] Where are you? And why do you never tell me where you're going?
[Text] Saw VII or Paranormal Activity 4?
[Text] Report to my bedroom immediately for snuggles.
[Text] I need bail money.