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[Text] Are you seriously standing me up or are you really that late?



It was funny, most people pinned Mikkel down as one of those people who always showed up late and never apologized when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He normally would budget enough time to get wherever he needed to go. And usually it would take him time to get around, he always rode his bike, you see. So he planned this date like he would any other. Except he wasn’t expecting rain and he was definitely not expecting to show up at the wrong damn location. He LIVED here for godsake!

Then he felt his pocket buzz. All things from Asgard… His eyes skimmed the text and—

[Text] I’m not I promise! Denmark is known for biking! // Not me, Denmark, the country // well that means me too // shit // I bike places and then the rain set in and then I went to the wrong building // I’ll be there as soon as I can! // I’m sorrrrrry! [/Text]

His phone buzzed in his hand, after skimming the message he looked up with a grin, searching the back for Eduard. It took him a moment to spot him, then he was manoeuvring his way through the tables to get back to the booths along the wall. 

"So I saw Noah on the way here, he told me to make sure no one forgot he wasn’t actually white, but," he did his best to hold back his laughter, "whatever. Sorry I’m so late." He said, sincerely as he stripped off his soaked jacket. Too bad he hadn’t thought he’d seriously get drenched, he probably would have brought a rain jacket if he’d known. 
"You go ahead and order without me or are these poor waitresses going to be relieved I actually showed up so they don’t have to watch you break down into tears?"

Eduard cracks a smile, “Please, what kind of guy do you me for?” he chuckles, “There’s no need to apologize. I’m just glad you made it.”

He waves for a waitress to come by their table and orders two tall glasses of beer. It only takes a minute when she finally returns with their drinks, giving each of them a napkin to use as a coaster. The two of them lift their drinks for a toast and quickly dove in. It had been a while since he last enjoyed a good Danish beers. He outta do this more often, he thought to himself. As he set his drink down, it was then he noticed the other man’s glare hadn’t changed since their toast.

"Mikkel, you’re staring."

jerology: | Turisalu River in Estonia

Never give up, for even rivers someday wash dams away.


いけめん by えりこ*lotus

Permission to repost given by artist.
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[Sidles up to Estonia, takes a seat beside him, and leans suavely against the table they're sitting at.] 'Sup?



[he’s surprised by the arrival of Seborga at his table and he’s not quite sure what to say] I’m fine? Where did you come from?

[Romeo grins and places his hand on the back of his neck, rubbing it in order to subtly strike a pose. Fleeeeex. Yeah. Yeeeah he’s hot. Drink it up, Estonia.] Everywhere’s different. I’ve been most places, but I haven’t seen here in as much detail as I would like.

If you’re not busy, maybe you could show me around?

[You go Romeo.]

[Eduard cocks an eyebrow in confusion] What is he even doing? I hope he realizes people are staring at him. Does he act like this with everyone?

Er- Sure. I can do that. Is there someplace you had in mind? If you like a nice throwback to medieval times, the old city might be of interest to you.


Collage - Une sulased (dream’s servants) (from Kadriko, Melodija, 1975, recorded at Tallinn Recording Company studio 1971)

… and to end this Collage day one of their most haunting tune. A pure delight. 




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You like donuts

[[I dooooo. I rarely eat them for the sole reason that I know if I start eating them, I won’t be able to stop. Those chocolate donuts are Timmies should be illegal. I’m cursed that I work next door to one so I smell all their baked goodies all day. /sobs]]

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But on a serious note, I do enjoy hockey but only on the world stage (Olympics? IIHF? GET THE SNACKS AND THE FLAGS SHIT IS GOING DOWN). I couldn’t care less for the NHL and the playoffs (my city rarely does well anymore these days /sobs).

If you don’t think we take hockey seriously, just remember that during the gold medal match between Canada and Sweden at Sochi, there were churches that set up big screen TVs and projector screens inside and Sunday mass could not start until the game was over.]]

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