Eesti's Internet Cafe
Tere päevast! My name is Eduard Tammsaare but I'm better known as Eesti Vabariik or Republic of Estonia. Please don't be shy to stay awhile and make yourselves comfortable!

[This is a dependant RP blog for Estonia of Hetalia: Axis Powers. This blog is part of Euro Hetalia RP so I'm afraid I cannot RP with you if you're not part of the ring.]


“I’m asking do you like these moopflops?” Sweden shoved one to Estonia’s hands. “Here you can have one. It’s free.”

Sweden was not sure why Estonia was rather tense around him, but really now, there were so many who would flee from him he had quit wondering ages ago. He tried to be nice as he could but somehow this always fell short.

“So what are you shopping for?”

Sweden wondered if he had taken a wrong turn in his quest for fresh lovely little outdoor table linens. He was becoming distracted by the soft glow of the various lamps. 

‘Why can’t they serve akvavit or vodka here to drink? I should suggest this with Netherlands,’  Sweden thought to himself and then came to a realization. ‘No, then he will suggest a hash bar. Damn.’ 

“Do you like booze, Estonia?” Sweden asked randomly as he peered into a glass.

Estonia was caught completely off-guard with Sweden’s random act of kindness, “A-Aitäh! I came here looking for a new rug to put in my living room but now that I’m looking at these lamps I just might buy one for my bedroom.”

He was lying through his teeth. He didn’t need a new rug or a new lamp. The rug was still in great shape while the lamp was still brand-new. He hoped Sweden would fall for his white lie. He couldn’t tell him what he was really here for. That would put all of his plans down the drain. Not on his watch!

"Oh!" he remember, "And I do like alcohol. I’m not picky on the brands so as long as it’s good."